1. Jay Gurd Jay Gurd United Kingdom says:

    I took Champix for 4 weeks and it was amazing how easy it was to become a non smoker, but during this time I had the most unbelievable mood swings, raging over the slightest problems, falling out with both my children.  I constantly felt sick. When I mentioned it at Quit4Life I was told it could affect hormonal balance and she didn't seem at all concerned - I'm 58 and my hormones have been dormant for years!! I finally realised it was the medication that was making me feel so ill and I stopped taking Champix a week ago, as the dark thoughts and being so agitated really frightened me.  Tomorrow I am going to make a Dr's appointment as I am still crying uncontrollably although the anger has gone.  I am still a non smoker BUT for me losing my mind is not worth it.  I have suffered from depression on and off for years - I did read the huge pamphlet - BUT I think my doctor should have refused to sign the prescription for me!!

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