1. Dawn Allen Dawn Allen United Kingdom says:

    I am amazed by the poppycock, I am annoyed by this ''But they suggest that if well being is not restored despite normal concentrations of thyroid stimulating hormone, it is important to exclude other conditions as the cause of ongoing symptoms. If no obvious cause is found the patient should be referred to an accredited hospital endocrinologist or general physician.''

    And then what? They tell you you have CFS/FM and leave you to rot. Then you start taking Natural Thyroid Hormones and treat your adrenals and start to slowly get better. It is a long road because it has taken a long time for your poor body to get into the state it has on years of thyroxine treatment and 'pharma' products for conditions which you wouldn't have if you were treated properly for your thyroid condition in the first place.

    So we are supposed to put up with being abandoned onto the rubbish tip are we? I don't think so, we may be unwell but we will fight for the right to be treated effectively for a horrible condition. Even if we die before we get it it may benefit our children.

    Onwards hypo soldiers

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