1. gary hurry gary hurry Canada says:

    I developed Meniers almost 3 years ago. After many tests and failed treatments I opted for gentamicin shots through the ear canal. After 3 shots the severe spinning stopped and I have been free of that symptom for a year. I still get fullness in the ear and and some other symptoms such as a little balance problem. Hearing is a little down, but not that bad. I noticed that fluorescent lights might be a cause because every time I go into a store I come out all messed up. The latest research points to a possible link between Menieres and migrane. I don't get the headache. Blood flow to the brain is an interesting thereory as the fullness also occurs when I look down too much when I walk and my neck gets stiff on the same side as the Menieres.
    I ordered some sunglasses that filter out fl-41 from fluorescent lights and will see if that helps and I try and keep my head up.  I would choose to have the shots again and now that the balance on that side is absent, I will continue to work on the right side compensating.  Do not give up and keep moving you can beat this.

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