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    Hello there.

    I was diagnosed with optical neuropathy in my left eye two years ago (2019), this year the symptons show-up again but in my right eye, the sympton is the same, a particular loss of eyesight where there's a 'void-zone', when closing either eyes and trying to focus with the other eye open. Ofthalmology specialist describes some abnormalities in the back of both of my eyes, but think the problem goes beyond that structure

    So I get an MRI which is fine, neurology specialist thinks an LCR is needed. That was a very painful test but everything is good, then the TORCHS profile happened. I got positive for syphilis with a 1:16 reaction. Infectology specialist think I should treat me with a 4 million UI (six times a day) dose of sodic peneciline for two weeks. The days and the pain pass and the results come up positive again with a 1:32 reaction.

    Right now I'm doing another treatment, but with Ceftriaxona for two weeks. Today was day two of my treatment (06/12/2021). I'm writing this because I have nowhere else to go, I've witness the sorrow of my parents taking care of me since my first sympton appear, but now they think I might die of something worst and that saddnes me.

    I only wish I shouldn't have done so many mistakes in the past.

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