1. Heather Spiers Heather Spiers United States says:

    They found that immunity waned significantly in all groups after a few months. If you were infected before the vaccine came out chances are you have few antibodies left. You also missed the part about boosters restoring immunity.

    • AD Stryker AD Stryker United States says:

      The numbers cited are more favorable for the recovered than for the double-vaccinated, particularly after several months.  And there's this ... "When only severe cases were analyzed, the number among the vaccinated was the highest."

    • Todd Lee Todd Lee United States says:

      Heather, please read about what T and B cells are. Then read about the limited T and B cell production from vaccines. Also, the increased protection of vaccine in a recovered person according to this article lasts just a few months, and our body's immune system already has antibodies, T and B cells against the spike protein so the vaccine is redundant..
      Finally, there are many published medical papers showing natural immunity lasts past 10 months due to T and B cells. Many conclude based on the T and B cell production that natural immunity is likely to last many years if not a lifetime.

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