1. Dr Hana Fayyad Dr Hana Fayyad Lebanon says:

    The first needing to be enlightened about menopause, are the treating doctors. They know physiology and horomnal changes theories, but they never understand impact of estrogen deficiency on a woman. It just transmogrifies her, physically and brain-wise, and the funny thing is they( and all others ignorant of menopause) tell her to “ take it easy”, or it is “ an empty nest syndrome”, while it is all biochemical mediator changes that enforce her state!
    Unfortunately, regardless, the woman-the owner of her own decision-still faces the dilemma of choosing to walk that v harsh, often deadly tunnel, or take hormones for treatment, and be waylaid by another tunnel of consequential health risks!
    Dr Hana Fayyad, pediatrician
    Maria Jasmine Freeman

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