1. Wellington Oyibo Wellington Oyibo Nigeria says:

    I agree with the authors completely. We have just published a paper on the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of malaria in children that presented with fever in Lagos, Nigeria (ISRN Infectious Disease Journal - 2012). In most malaria endemic countries, all fevers are diagnosed clinically as malaria and health workers are finding it difficult to change this perception. Malaria microscopy capacity is still very low in most parts of Africa, for example, and this has worsened matters. Curiously, in settings with expert microscopists, the managing health worker do not accept negative microscopy results in the presence of symptomatic fever! I am happy that the evidence on malaria overdiagnosis are being plublished in different settings and these should be used to effectively communicate to health workers to change their perception as we confront the diagnosis of fever generally.

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