1. Juha Räty Juha Räty Finland says:

    Well, if you think you're NOT anything but an evolved animal, I don't know what you make of the fact that we share 98.8 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees. Human species is so full of itself!

    The more we learn about ethology, the less remarkable our own "uncomparable" characteristics delude. Only six decacdes ago it was a revelation to discover that chimps made and used tools – something that we thought was exclusively a human capability. Now we know that even crows are at least as clever with tools than chimps ever were – and that a crow beats a 9 year old human in problem solving skills. We also learned that animals do have emotions, social structures and skills – even language; ability to prepare for the future; make plans and strategize; and even fish are able to create complex and aesthetic "works of art". Math is neither our exclusive creation: even ants do it on an impressing level. Even educated fleas might do it, for all we know. www.bbc.com/.../20121128-animals-that-can-count#:~:text=But%20the%20real%20maths%20wizards,parts%20of%20their%20mathematical%20toolkit.

    So what is it exactly that makes us more than an evolved animal? The history of science has shown time and again that our exceptionalism is nothing more than the less we know, the more we think we know.

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