1. Gabriela Ribeiro Gabriela Ribeiro Brazil says:

    My story is very differente than others. I never had interest in sex. Never. But I though I was a girl since I was born. But because of my parents and society, and enter into a swimming pool with 3 years old, judo with the same age, tennis with 6 years -- regional competitions, national, and international... I'm black belt judo, balck belt karate, full contact, basket with 14 years old (I'm 1,87m high or 6.2 feet high) in very high level, athletics (400 meters in 48 seconds, without any trainning, and 4.300 meters in 12 minutes, and after that I went to play basketball and after that to swimming 2 to 3 miles a day)... And I did all the above sports while studying Psychology, Economics (University)... My body, my genre, is very strong, but I went to a sex surgery and breasts. Only 10 years after my transition I found out that my hip and my waist are very different than woman's body. And I have nothing like a feminine butt. Now I have 61 years old, but I only use shorts all day, every day, years and years. I never go out to a restaurant at night (I prefer to be at my home all night for the last 8 years. If I try to use pants or other feminine costume, all people would see that something is wrong with me.
    Because I love sports since as a child, I can't ran the way I'm used to do. If I decided to play basketball no woman could get me (I usually dunk every basketball) no way. No way to be in a female team on Judo, karate, Basketball, Tennis... And how I could go to a beach??? No way. I can pass as a woman every day, but using shorts and other things, but I lost all the rest of my life.
    I could go to a club (and I was accostumed to go to any club to do sports and to swimming). How to enter a Sauna with women there? No way.
    So, I decided to change my name again, to the original name (male name), and use what a man uses. It's very easy to use man's clothes (the clothes are larger than feminine clothes). So, I will continue to have my female breasts (male clothes can cover-up it) and my vagina (I would never have the thing males have, but I love to have a vagina).
    I hate to say the name of that thing men have. Vagina is 100% with me. Breasts I don't know what happened to my brain if I removed it. So, it's better to be with it. Judo and Karate clothes can hide it. If I go to a beach, someone could find my breasts something bigger than normal, but some man has hormonal problems... So, I think I would be fine.
    What I wrote here is only to say that you can go to a sex surgery, but gender is impossible to be changed. It's genetics. You can change your sex, your name, but if you're a sport player, like me (someone who is very strong and get muscles very easy), you only change your name and your sex, but never your gender. Unfortunately, gender is what you are. I'm very happy for the transsexuals who never go to sports, like me, and they can pass very easy as a woman in all ocasions (night or day). Congratulations to them, but my case is very, very different. So I'll change my name to male, and I will use male clothes to go out of my house. Inside my home, I'll use my female clothes (with no one seeing me). Hahaha.

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