1. John Richmond John Richmond New Zealand says:

    I had Arthritis very badly in 1990. I had high levels of uric acid in my system. I am no medic but the link between gout and arthritis has been well established. I cured myself without the aid of the medical profession. They cant see the wood for the trees. Uric acid dissolves in malic acid and is flushed out of the system via the urine. Simple cure for a simple cause. Don't take my word for it... try it. The drug companies are not interested in curing arthritis or gout because there is no long term benefit. I have been free of Arthritis for 21 years without it ever rearing its ugly head.

    • Prem Jain Prem Jain United States says:

      Hi John,

      I would like to know more about your treatment for gout / Which regiman did you used / My brother is severely suffering from it and we are exploring natural options.

      • Ron Buda Ron Buda United States says:

        Master Amino Acid Pattern is a protein created by DR. LUca Moretti. HE studied the Human Genome to create a pre digested vegetable protein that has the 8 essential amino acids in the correct percentages for the human body. It is digested absorbed and utilized within 30 minutes. It has a net nitrogen utilization of 99% ...meaning that only 1% is left over for producing catabolite toxins such as uric acid. Meat, for example, is only about 17% NNU leaving83% to produce uric acid. Viscious circle: your body needs protein, if you eat it you maintain your gout. IF you do not eat protein, your body will get it from your own muscles and you produce Uric Acid. Look up M.A.P. Read the studies and decide. My gout has deminished rapidly in two days of use. (I use Protivity from Royal Body Care)

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