1. Lou Lou United Kingdom says:

    P Lynch said ...."A common misconception is that a patient must be comatose to be diagnosed with myxedema coma.  However, myxedema coma is a misnomer because most patients exhibit neither the nonpitting edema known as myxedema nor coma.  Instead, the cardinal manifestation of myxedema coma is a deterioration of the patient's mental status."
    And, "Patients with myxedema coma usually have longstanding hypothyroidism, although it may not have been previously diagnosedThey often demonstrate classic symptoms of hypothyroidism: fatigue, constipation weight gain, cold intolerance, a deep voice, course hair, and dry, pale cool skin."

    The symptoms of hypothyroidism/myxedema are: LOW blood pressure, bradycardia, no appetite, mentally dull/slow, tired, constipation, coarse dry thin hair, overweight by a few pounds only due to oedma (quickly gone once treatment started), pale, permanently cold and no energy ............ take it from one who has been there.

    These symptoms are quite contrary to the ones advertised on the internet.

    People with true hypothyroidism would be unaware they have it until diagnosed.

    I say again, no one could survive 20-30 years with undiagnosed true hypothyroidism and I stand by that.

    • Dawn Dawn United Kingdom says:

      Untrue statement

      'People with true hypothyroidism would be unaware they have it until diagnosed.'

      When you are so drowsy you sleep for 48/72 hours at a time and more, have impaired memory and need numerous layers of clothing you know you are hypothyroid. The Dr has a tendency to start listening when you mother shouts down the phone at him these facts!

      Been there often Lou, before diagnosis and after.
      There may be a more subtle slip into it for those who find these symptoms a normal part of living? Personally I always wanted to get out and do things so for me this wasn't so. Sorry you couldn't tell you were suffering from a terribly slow metabolism :O

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