1. Kristina Kruk Kristina Kruk United States says:

    I am 31 year old woman and at age 13 was diagnosed with Amblyopia my left eye.  My vision in my right eye is 20/600.  I was told since I was 13 there is no treatment for me because I am was too old to wear a patch on my good eye.  Later on in my mid twenties, I started doing a lot of computer work and reading through school and my good eye became so fatigued all the time and I got horrible headaches.  I was given two pairs of glasses, one for reading and one for driving and these caused such horrible headaches that I actually had what they call an Ocular Migraine where my vision in my good eye went all white for almost 2 hours.  I thought I went blind for good turns out my good eye was completely overloaded and glasses do not help at all because when I look around it I see as if I have only one eye even though I can see very blurry in my bad eye only if my good eye is closed.  I am in college again and the horrible headaches and eye fatigue are back from all the reading and computer work.  I tried to go to my eye dr and have them fill out a form that says what my diagnosis is so I can get extended time to read for test and accommodations but I was told that none of their other patients need accommodations or complain of these problems with amblyopia.  I want to be a teacher so bad but everything is going digital and it is so hard to read for more than 10 minutes without falling asleep.  I am desperate for some help.

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