1. joanne payne joanne payne Canada says:

    My 28 yr. old son swallowed his own muconium at birth and was in I.C.U. for 14 days. A Dr. from Sick Children's Hospital diagnosed him as being completely deaf during his 14 days in I.C.U.

    Every day for the 1st 3 months of his life, I had him in a baby seat on the kitchen table and through out the day I would smash pots and pans together as I came up from behind him, not wanting to accept this diagnoses.  Nothing, not even a flinch came from him. Finally one day, as I came up from behind him smashing those pots and pans together, his head turned in my direction as he stared at me!

    That was the beginning of his 1st day of hearing! Today my son has been in the Canadian Navy for the past 7.5 yrs. with perfect hearing!

    Through the years, I have done some research here and there, but it wasn't until today (Friday August 14 2015) that I finally came across your artical which confirmed my son's temporary loss of hearing. Thank you so much for publishing this as now I can rest knowing that he wasn't the only child to be born with a complete hearing loss only to regain full hearing by the  third month of his life!

    For any parents going through this incredibly stress-full time of your lives, I pray for you all and may my story bring hope and prayers to all!

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