1. Lizfree Lizfree United States says:

    That is so ridiculous I don’t believe one word about this study, this is only one more thing that doctors(scientists are failing) Is the opposite actually, people who drink and drinkers are highly risk to get problems with memory loss later on in life because damage the neurological cells brain’s, it toast your brain…I believe what you didn’t take a very good study nor investigate it; if the people in this study may have gut problems, people with bad digestion and deficiency in vitamins get dementia..your stomach is connect it to your brain ;the Alcohol has nothing to do to help to not get dementia! Wow what a great recommendation here with this article , .. and if has something to do like I said It is the opposite. Please stop encouraging people and given them the excuse to add Alcohol in their diet, that is ok..they are fine drinking, especially to young people, this is a evil and tread for people that like to drink. Maybe is just an article for business to promote the market’s to buy crap another lie to public. How many times you will lie us with studies that just put people in risk and the wrong direction!!..

    • Rudolph Rassendyll Rudolph Rassendyll United States says:

      Then too, causality is very complex for the less learned?

    • Karl Schwinbarger Karl Schwinbarger United States says:

      I'm 72 and have always drunk some, at home, these days a cocktail before lunch and before dinner. But always only one. And I'm learning German, for years now, reading Dickens, and bicycling 40 miles a week at least. My dad died at 59 from a heart attack. He drank too much as a young man and smoked too much. My brother died the same way at 54. He did a lot of drugs when young. I think so much depends on the psyche of the people involved. By itself alcohol like caffeine is not a boogeyman. But some people, many, turn it into one, For nerdy folks who don't I can see how it might help with a lot earthy problems, what I did get hooked on was anti-depressants for 25 years. Off now, but probably needed them while working.

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