1. Gerard de Vres Gerard de Vres Netherlands says:

    I've found articles from the 1980's with the same sort of promise of cures that do not materialize besides apparently in mice.
    Let us be clear RP is bad, and it's terrible to slowly lose your eyesight.

    However never forget that the day you heard you had RP was also the day you could have heard you had terminal cancer. Even though we all hope and pray for a cure we shouldn't forget how much worse off we all could be.

    Listen to your eye doctor they will usually be more informed on possible treatment and research into possible cures and how many hurdles are left to be taken before it can be performed on humans in practice.

    They will tell you that cures are not on the horizon, they will tell you to seek support from RP support groups and low vision specialists that can help you make life more tolerable with your disability.

    Enjoy whatever sight you have left and enjoy the life and the time you are given.

    Don't lose hope but don't expect a cure anytime soon.

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