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  1. Val M. Smith Val M. Smith United States says:

    I'm here because some webpage I found myself on had one of those infomercials for " a cure for Tinnitus. It's one of those infomercials that drones on and on for far too long without giving a hint about what they will say at the end. Instead I did a search and found myself here. I decided to join one of the forums and here is the first place I came to.
    My 2 cents might be the same no matter what malady we human beings have. What that is has to do with an unwillingness of most doctors to listen ( No pun intended )
    In the old days doctors listened very closely to what patients had to say realizing that the patients were giving real time feedback. Now most doctors I know listen with a half ear and half brain. One could hold the cure for all illness's in their hand and most doctors will only be interested in how high one's cholesterol is.
    In another forum I found 3 doctors who had their own sub forums. They were last answered in 2014. Maybe they just lost interest?

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