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  1. Lauralee Comeau Lauralee Comeau Canada says:

    A rare but a number of people such as myself, do indeed have a very severe anaphylactic reaction allergy to tartrazine. Was diagnosed in 1998 by an allergist as I kept ingredients from the food products that caused the reaction. Have had 2 really bad anaphylactic reactions warranting admission to hospital and 12-24 hours in either ICU or resus room. Included 2 rebound reactions for each. Needed 3 doses of epinephrine. Symptoms include lips burn, a rush sensation, hoarseness, throat constriction, trouble swallowing, itchy including eyes, ears, throat, neck face, hives, feeling of something bad is going to happen, rapid pulse. With also being a retired nurse, know the symptoms. Just got home after 8 hours in resuscitation. Usually very careful but thought this was a safe food...not.

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