1. Imfallen Angel Imfallen Angel Canada says:

    It's sad that so many fail to understand that vaping has been around for a lot longer than most realize.  Even sadder is that there is plenty of proof out there, plenty of advocates that vaping was the only thing that worked to get them to quit smoking even after trying every other "official quitting aid that's out there.  And every one that was followed by their doctors have the proof that it worked, and had make every vaping person's health better.  There's yet to be a single case of a negative, yet, the dead horse is beaten over and over.  The information is there, the proof is easily found, but because this solution isn't "approved" or sanctioned by governments or pharmaceutical companies (as they are losing so much money because of it),  the witch hunt still goes on, and they would rather tell lies and keep people smoking and dying than lose the money that cigarettes bring in.

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