1. Kajal Chandiramani Kajal Chandiramani India says:

    I had the Pituitary Macroadenoma and I am already done with the surgery. But I have got enlarged tongue, overbite, fatigue, headache, upperback pain...I had been insisting on getting the necessary test done to rule out acromegaly. But the Docs say Overbite never happens in Acromegaly, only underbite problems occur. And they say its impossible to for my jaw structure to change ...???

    • Jon Danzig Jon Danzig United Kingdom says:

      Hello Kajal, thank you for commenting and I am sorry to learn that you have ongoing symptoms. I am not a doctor, but a medical journalist who also has acromegaly.  For sure, pronounced under- or overbite, spreading teeth, and enlarging tongue are typical symptoms of acromegaly.

      I have read about surgery to correct under/overbite and even an enlarged tongue, but I think you would need to seek out the opinion of a true expert and personally I would not consider such surgery until the acromegaly was consistently under control long-term.  Good luck and best wishes.

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