1. Lynne Krop Lynne Krop United States says:

    I have had CIC all my life, but was able to control it with food and exercise. Now that I'm 50, my entire colon became impacted and I had a 3-day stay at the hospital to clear it out. MOVIPrep and GoLytely are NOT fun. Three GALLONS later, I was cleared only to go home and become impacted two days later. I'm taking Linzess daily. Does anyone have information on this medication?

    • PC Jarrett PC Jarrett Canada says:

      Hi Lynn...I am a 45 yr old female who has suffered from chronic consitpation for most of my life.  I had actually never heard of CIC until tonight when I came across this surfing the internet...but I believe that this is what I have.  I am now currently just over 3 weeks with only having had 2 small movements.  This also after having taken the typical concoctions that are given to someone just prior to a colonoscopy.  I spoke with my Dr. as well as the pharmacist and had high hopes that this would help...but barely helped at all.  Do you know what they do at the hospital if the MOVIPrep and GoLytely do not work??  I'm pretty nervous and scared at this point to just go to the hospital but I know I may have to.  Do you have any advice??  Also, how has Linzess been working for you??

    • Patt Randy Christensen Patt Randy Christensen United States says:

      I have been having bowel issues for many years also. I was put on Linzess not long after it hit the market. It never worked for me. So when my insurance changed this year, the copay for Linzess sky rocketed so I stopped using it. Several months have gone by and hit and miss with the bathroom. Yesterday I started taking Amitiza Cap 24 mcg twice a day. I get very sick and stomach cramping for the first couple hours afterwards. I hope I get some relief from this medication. Linzess is a waste of money. Looking up solutions to constipation not by a disease but by symptoms has helped me locate alternate meds. I hope somthing helps for you.

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