1. J Cameron J Cameron United Kingdom says:

    Re: Concerns about the recent ‘joint statement’ by the Royal College of Physicians et al, in relation to ‘The Diagnosis and Management of Primary Hypothyroidism’.

    This ‘joint statement’ and the above news item are of serious concern to the many thousands of hypothyroid patients who are intolerant of thyroxine (levothyroxine –T4) and/or whose blood test results do not correlate with their symptoms of hypothyroidism, to highlight just two of the issues. Therefore, we have written to all the organisations responsible for the issue of the ‘joint statement’ to express our concerns about its content. We are not the only ones to do so as many others, including hypothyroid patients, doctors and hypothyroid patient support groups, have also written to the above organisations to voice their concerns about the ‘joint statement’ and to include scientific references which contradict assertions made within the statement.

    As a result of all this correspondence, Professor Ian Gilmore – President of the Royal College of Physicians has agreed to review our letter and papers along with other similar communications from the other groups cited above. This review is to take place very soon.

    We also believe that the RCP et al ‘joint statement’ lacks balance and transparency. Therefore we have requested that when the proposed review is conducted the Royal College of Physicians and the other organisations involved, consider the views of patients, who have been harmed or are at risk of harm as a direct result of this ‘joint statement’ and to involve some such patients as part of the review. In addition, we have requested that representatives of the patient support groups who were excluded from the deliberations the first time round are invited to participate. Furthermore, in the spirit of research and the furtherance of medical knowledge we have requested that doctors and researchers who have successfully treated hypothyroid patients by prescribing T3 preparations [including desiccated thyroid] and T3/T4 combination therapy are also invited to attend this review to deliver their viewpoint and share their experiences and expertise with the review body. To summarise, to ensure the validity and credibility of this review, all evidence must be considered.

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