1. ZaCloud StriFair ZaCloud StriFair United States says:

    So basically... instead of blood clots, it's nerve clots? :O
    Definitely a great potential breakthrough!

    Though I hope finding out what makes the alpha-synuclein stick together is being looked at too, of course. Like if there's a substance that causes them to stick together, and if fighting that substance might be a more direct course of action.

    (Like how blood-thinning may help against blood clots by reducing red blood cells, but it can cause anemia. But targeting the fibrin or platelets instead may be most ideal.)

    If the alpha-synuclein is just plain getting swollen and deformed, then yeah, reduction is important as a slightly further up-the-pipe treatment (And of course, eventually finding out what gosh darn silly factor is telling them to do that in the first place, and giving it a big ol' slap into submission).

    This'll just take a LOT of adjusting as it goes along, cuz I'd imagine reducing that stuff TOO much might interfere with nerve communication (if the currently-held belief that it helps with that remains true), and make the patient just kind of droop into nothing.

    Of course, that's what testing and research is for, to find the levels at which even a poison may become a valuable treatment or cure. Good luck!

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