I have been using Morphine Patches for over a year now for extremely painful micro-fractures in my pelvis. I feel quite well on them, sleep well, have no nausea, dizzyness or other symptoms, and find they do not upset my stomach like strong pain killing tablets do.
    I do get occasional constipation, but that is easily cured with Senna.
    I am extremely creative,writing, painting, knitting, am active, walk frqwuently and my body and brain seems to be fine on these patches.  i certainly don't feel drugged up in any way.  They might have a bad long term effect, of that, i have no idea, but so far so good.
    I take an occasional Ibuprufen tablet on top of the  morphine, low strength, but no other pain killers.
    I give thanks for the pain relief, and have lowered the dosage from 20 grms to 15 grms, but though I have tried to go down to 10 grams, I usually find i need to go back ip to 15grms due to pain.
    If and when i can dispense with these, if ever, i shall be glad, as I've never been into taking drugs, BUT, thank goodness for them as i was in screaming agony.

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