1. Shana Ellis Shana Ellis United States says:

    I am 45 years old. It was determined that I had amblyopia in my left eye when I was in the 4th grade. (You can't tell from looking at my eyes that anything is wrong, no turning of my bad eye) I did therapy for my eye everyday, patching the good eye and doing eye exercises for the bad eye. Later, the doc patched my bad eye  24/7 for about a month, at least, maybe longer, I can't remember. I think it was to strengthen my good eye since I would be dependant on it for my vision.
    Anyway, I don't see how this treatment works without patching the good eye since the brain shuts down the vision in the bad eye when the good eye is being used. At least, that's what my brain does.
    Does anyone else with this condition suffer from motion sickness, nausea when reading, surfing the web, or doing other eye-related activities? I do! And I suffer from headaches daily. And eye pain occasionally.
    Sure wish I could be helped!!! I am unable to drive in high traffick areas or on freewyas/interstates because I use only one eye and it makes it difficult to see when changing lanes frequently and quickly at high speeds. And of course, 3D movies are out!! I can't judge distances well  at all! And if I am attempting to pour something into a container, I have to be looking on top of the container, I can't hold it out in front of me and pour into it or I will end up missing the container Surprised. Anyone else relate to my problems?

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