In 2006 my mother passed away after being diagnosed with Alzheimers disease many years earlier. (Besides her having chronic  memory loss, she didn't have any of the other symptoms of alzheimers- eg aggression, wandering). About 6 months before her  death, after discussing this with my brothers & sisters, I contacted the Auckland Brain Clinic about donating her brain upon her death hoping that we could get a  final diagnosis. After her death Professor Faull  was so astounded with the pathology findings that he sent her brain back to pathology  three times to make sure they had their findings correct before telling my family. This took 18 months for us to get the final report - my mother didn't have Alzheimers her brain was perfect except she had BILATERAL HIPPOCAMPUS SCLEROSIS. The first brain of this type at the Auckland brain clinic. They thanked the family for our donation and informed us that her brain would be used for years in their research.  So you can see why your findings are very interesting. I know this is in the very early stages but I would be interested if you have found any generic links.

    Would be very interested in any updates

    Patricia Munro
    Auckland, New Zealand
    [email protected]

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