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  1. Sandy Woods Sandy Woods Ukraine says:

    I am proud of countries which allow programs with the use of assisted reproductive techniques! In such a way these states help both own citizens and foreign patients to become happy parents. Such civilized countries as Ukraine or Russia, for example, conduct various reproductive procedures absolutely legally and provide patients with a great level of medical and juridical services. And such countries have good results. On the one hand countries can develop reproductive medicine (which is extremely important in the modern world) and on the other hand help thousands of infertile couples to become parents, very often for the first time! Ukraine, for example, always considered being the third world country with very low level of medical services. But look at the internet news and facts concerning reproductive medicine in Ukraine!!! Just Ukraine is nearly the first in top leaders of reproductive sphere (I mean surrogate motherhood and eggs donation programs)! And despite poor infrastructure, weak economy and so on, Ukraine has the highest success rate in the IVF procedures. Ye, and its true! Examine the information in the Internet resources and you will see that Ukrainian centers of reproductive medicine gain momentum. I heard Ukrainian doctors use fresh eggs and therefore receive positive results with minimum number of attempts.

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