1. Ángel Ferrero Ángel Ferrero Spain says:

    Hi there.
    I'm very interested in this treatment. I'm a 33yo amblyopic (weak left eye with 40% vision) and I'm from Spain.
    Here in Spain, amblyopia doesn't have any treatment at all, every single ophthalmologist says that amblyopia can only be treated before the age of 10 and the only therapy is patching the strong eye before the age comes.
    I don't know how can I get close to a treatment. I want to improve my visual acuity.
    Does anybody know how frustrating is it when your buddies talk about how amazing is Avatar in 3D and not really knowing WHAT does it mean... Or how frustrating is declining a movies evening because the movie you're going to watch is in 3D...
    How can I get to this treatment?
    I've been treated with Lasik in both eyes, this was good, but not enough.
    I'd appreciate any help.

    Thank you!

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