1. Elizabeth Christie Elizabeth Christie United Kingdom says:

    Glyceryl trinitrate converts into nitric oxide in the body.  It is used to reduce the vascular spasm which can cause angina, and to reduce the smooth muscle spasm causing pain with an anal fissure and menstrual pain.  It is available as a spray or tablet or capsule, and as skin patches  and gel.  It may help to avoid some of the harmful effects of covid-19.  This seems to be able to affect the circulation causing vascular spasm and hypertension, chilblains, decreased lung blood perfusion etc. GTN is cheap and readily available in large quantities.  It is similar to a very dilute form of the explosive known as TNT.  It is suitable for self administration or as an outpatient.  Side effects are usually minor (
    mainly headache).  It has been used for many years.  I suggest trying it for covid-19 and expect that it would produce benefits similar to the inhaled nitric oxide- for a much wider range of patients.

    Dr Elizabeth Christie
    General Practitioner Locum Belfast

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