1. Janice Locke Janice Locke United States says:

    I was told he didn't have the proper growth of hair in the left ear at all and partial in the right.

    My daughter was very sick during her preg. with him and never gained weight.We were never told that she has a name for what she had at the time nor was it addressed at the time. She is now going to have her 2nd child and has just found this out.

    They were going to do the implant on him and the Dr. just called her to let her know they aren't going to do them due to stress on him with all he is dealing with.

    The baby has a real problem with textures and now he wont eat unless its certian baby food fed off his pacifier.

    I am trying to learn all I can because I don't want the implant done. God gave him what he wanted him to have and the chance to get better, I see it as taking away something he could never get back, once done.

    I came across your page and it confirms what I have said for almost 2 years.

    He was a Christmas Baby and will soon be 2.

    I would like all the information I can get to help my daughter understand that he still has a good chance of coming out of this in good standing.

    Thank You , Mrs. Janice Locke
    November 3rd, 2010

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