1. Lynn Lavalette Lynn Lavalette United States says:

    You have us make a mug of your salt solution, then say to "snort that mugful into your nose" from your palms.
    1. Did you really mean for us to snort up the entire "mugful" each time, or just a few snorts? Pls clarify.
    Than, you say to "swallow a couple of mouthfuls" to "clean out the lungs".
    2. Swallowing anything doesn't go into the lungs, because the swallowing tube to the stomach is separate from the breathing tube to the lungs. Pls clarify what you meant to say.
    The 2 above points make me hope that you simply chose the wrong wording and will clarify. Without that, anyone who follows you is a fool.
    And I see someone else asked for help with making the solution & you didn't reply. That's likely because we have no way to contact Richard, the man who has this nasal/oral salt solution therapy. And he hasn't returned so doesn't know of the now 2 comments awaiting his response. Too bad, as this makes sense to me but without clarifying, it's useless.

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