1. Tom Og Tom Og United States says:

    Countries that have a high percentage of smokers, AND who SEEM TO HAVE a lower rate of death from Covid-19, have that lower rate of death in their population, BECAUSE SO MANY OF THE SMOKERS ARE ALREADY DEAD.

    The people who MIGHT HAVE DIED from Covid-19, ALREADY DIED YEARS AGO, from smoking.

    Here's a quick (and probably widly inaccurate) demographic exercise:

    Fact: US deaths from lung cancer and other respiratory ailments, each year: 600,000.
    Fact: People who die from lung cancer, etc., DIE AT YOUNGER AGES, than average.

    Math: Number of people who die each year from smoking, etc.: 600,000

    Breakdown of people who die EACH YEAR, from smoking illnesses:
    for age 0-9: None
    age 10-19: None
    ages 20-29: 1,000
    ages 30-39: 60,000
    ages 40-49: 100,000
    ages 50-59: 200,000
    ages 60-69: 200,000
    ages:70-71: 39,000
    Total:          600,00 PER YEAR!

    600,000 PER YEAR, times 71years = 42,600,000 people DIED BEFORE THE COVID-19 ARRIVED.

    From age 72, and upward, the "smoking related deaths" are no longer relevant, because the age 0f 72 is the average age of life expectancy.

    The coutries with many smokers, also have fewer people who are alive, to become infected by the coronavirus.

    The "previous smokers" are already dead.


    Tom Og

    • Simon Hill Simon Hill Australia says:

      Your statistics suit your predetermined agenda. So,

      Yes, tobacco smoke in cigarettes is a killer. But, nicotine seems to be the ingredient that stops/inhibits the Covid-19 connecting to ACE2, the receptor the virus uses to infects cells. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying smoke. I am saying, think about nicotine.
      Tobacco is part of the nightshade family. So are eggplants, (green) tomatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers and others that contain a small amount (in comparison to tobacco plants) of nicotine. Now, who has the most consumption of eggplants - China followed by India and both these countries have a small infection rate given their population.
      Another way I was thinking about it is garlic which is good (seemly) for cold viruses. Garlic has a natural pesticide similar to "nightshade" family of plants i.e. nicotine. Assuming that COV-19 has kinda originated from bats and the bats eat insects, the insects can't eat nightshade plants, is it possible that when COV-19 encounters nicotine the virus gets blocked??
      I am focusing on nicotine - not smoking.

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