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  1. Lorry Schlick Lorry Schlick United States says:

    No, this is NOT normal unless you have an infection or in rejection. I know u posted this last Oct, but I gained 35 pounds 11 yrs post-transplant in my trunk and thighs. Been in hosp four times. They say nothing is wrong they can find. Said I have "lymphedema" which is a symptom not a diagnosis. What is causing the swelling? No one can tell me and I am suffering terribly like you. I am house and bed-bound now because of it. My kidney transplant is fine so this has the doctors and ME VERY FRUSTRATED. This has been my life for the last five months with no solution in sight. All I worry about is the long term effects of all this fluid on my transplant, heart, and lungs.
    PLEASE, have you gotten an answer? I hope so for your sake and also mine. I hope you are healthy now and happy. I can tell you anything about the transplant experience in General, but your issue is my constant issue too. Let me know, ok, Sherri, as I would like to know how you're doing.
    Lorry...11 yr renal transplant recipient from my husband. <3

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