1. R Nixon R Nixon United States says:

    You can analyze cannabis all you want, speculate all you want based on far-reaching studies, but I'm here with 40 years of cannabis use to explain the biggest misunderstanding laid on cannabis users. There is ONE and ONLY ONE use when consuming cannabis sativa,  cannabis indica, or hybrids. We use it as a REMEDY baby, pure and simple. What each individual seeks to remedy is highly personable and very different from one person to the next. It's all but absurd to make a list for government approved remedy uses, which vary greatly state to state, then lump all other uses as "recreational". I am a staunch supporter of states rights, so I'll take the good with the bad, but it's illogical that I'm either a felon or honest citizen based on my GPS. However,  do get to laugh hysterically at the huge paradox unfolding that pits legal pot vs outlaw pot. There is no apparent easy solution to the problem, but the result for me is: lower costs on both legal and outlaw cannabis products. The market will decide and gluts will only increase until eventually, pot prices should be back down to what I had to pay in the early 80's in high school: $30 an ounce. Hahaha, some things work out. There is no sense in any higher prices than that which ultimately bog down the economy. Best case scenario ends up down the line with consumers free to grow. One man could supply many others for next to nothing, leaving a sht-ton of disposable income to bolster fragile economy.

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