1. A Stranger A Stranger United States says:

    You're not looking at the big picture, Benjamin. No country exists in isolation and the decisions of the Chinese Government, in this situation, have severely impacted the rest of the world. If they had not held back information in the first place and had been forthcoming, then it would have given the rest of the world a chance to better prepare for Covid-19. Their actions surrounding this whole matter have only acted to raise further suspicion around the origin of the virus. If there is a possibilty that the virus was indeed released due to the negligence of the CCP, then this needs to be officially investigated.

    If you read through the article and look at the sources, you'll see that China is clearly suppressing this information and outright lying to the rest of the world. China is the origin of the virus, which was supposedly unexpected. In that case, how could their numbers be so incredibly low compared to all the countries that knew it was coming. China is among the most populous countries in the world with very large, densely populated cities. With a virus as contagious as Covid-19 and with such a long incubation period, especially if it's unexpected and not known about, the number of infected should be incredibly high. It is fact that they are lying, not a suspicion. What reasons would the CCP have to lie about their statistics of infected? The only way that the number of infected could be so low in the origin country would be if they knew about the virus already. If they're lying about this and still hiding information, then what else are they lying about?

    I'm trying to understand your sentiment, but I can't see how you can believe that all will end well by staying quiet and ignoring issues. I don't think we should dismiss this matter so easily. We live in a world with consequences and we can't afford to just live quietly and mind our own business. Like I said before, we don't exist in isolation from others. Every action we take will have an impact upon the people around us. Yes, the United States has plenty of issues. However, the US has their own values and interests that need to be taken into consideration in relation to the workings of other countries. Society is dependent upon the upholding of law and order. If a group threatens this order with their decisions, they must be held accountable. Failing to intervene early only results in the consequences continuing to compound and spread outwards.

    Another misconception you seem to have is that, because the US is not at war with China, that means they're somehow allies. While they have a strong economic relationship, they're not allies. They view each other as potential adversaries and there is constant tension between them. These two countries are in a competition for power and they hold conflicting ideals, values, and goals.

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