1. Dave S Dave S Canada says:

    I was born cross-eyed, had surgery to correct my eyes and wore a patch when I was very young. I hated the patch, and have been told I used to remove the patch often....
    I now have a lazy eye (right eye). I also have double-vision as a result of my eyes not working together. Not sure if other people here also have double-vision? It's something I've grown up (I'm 48). I'd like to have the correction done to my right eye (I am not so concerned about "better" vision in my right eye; I would like just to have my eyes aligned)... on a daily basis I get people turning their head to look behind them when I am talking to them (because they look at the lazy eye, which is pointing outward). I've tried to deal with this my entire life. My daughter (she's 5 1/2) will soon be asking why daddy's eyes aren't aligned. She'll probably turn her head too when I talk to her. I hate having to drive my vehicle when my wife is with me. Because I use my left eye for EVERYTHING, I tend to turn my head slightly to the right... so my left eye sees "Middle" (if that makes sense?). She has commented more times than I care to think about, "Keep your eyes on the road!". I have to then explain to her that I am. How embarrassing. Or when I turn to look at her, I have to turn my head far to the right (so I can see her with my left eye!) It makes me look as though I am peaking into the back seat!! Again.. how embarrassing. Or when I'm having a conversation with a co-worker... sometimes I can see the image from my right eye (double-vision, remember) and the eye is pointing outward... so not only do I see something off to the right, but my co-worker clearly sees my right eye off in la-la land. How embarrassing.
    I consider myself to be very thick-skinned... and I don't break down easily.. but talking about my lazy eye (and/or seeing somebody turn their head when I'm talking to them) can easily bring me to tears.

    During a recent visit to a NEW optometrist, she discussed the Prism fix for my eyes. Sadly, the glasses with the prism did nothing to bring in my right eye. He's a stubborn old cout...I'm staying out in Right Field!!!!!

    I was wearing a patch up to a while ago. It was just too difficult for me to go about my daily routine. So I stopped wearing the patch. Not to mention the wicked headaches I was getting.

    So let us rejoice all of us with lazy-eye!! Surely, if they can send men to outer space, they can find a cure/fix for lazy eye! Even when we are already into our adulthood.

    BTW: With contacts/glasses, I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and 20/200 in my right eye, so pretty much blind the right! Given the choice, I would rather have minimal vision in my eye versus being blind. I have never enjoyed a 3-D movie, and when my family and I visited Universal Studios, in California in 2012, I truly missed out experiencing the joy that my daughter was experiencing from the 3-D and 4-D movies! Literally everyone in the theatre would jump when things were "popping out of the screen", except for me.... I was left asking, "What happened?" How embarrassing.

    I'm not at a point in my life where I am considering having surgery to correct my lazy eye (for cosmetic reasons only.)

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