1. Thomas Samaras Thomas Samaras United States says:

    Very interesting findings. However, a review of centenarians around the world indicates that smaller body size and a plant-based diet are the keys to attaining the 100-year mark. For example, a study of Western Sicilian centenarians found they were short and of medium weight. In addition, a preliminary study of 2500 Italian centenarians found that two important factors for reaching 100 years of age were being short and thin. (See internet: Upper Italy-Longevity). A large, long-term New England longevity study found that virtually all male centenarians were thin. The people in the blue zones (e.g., Sardinia, Italy and Ikaria, Greece) generally follow a plant-based diet and are physically active.

    Up to now, the Okinanwans have held the top spot for longevity and centenarians. A study found that men averaged 4 foot 10 inches. Even adjusting for shrinkage with age, they only averaged 5 feet. It is certainly unusual that a number of the Acciaroli people are obese, don't exercise and smoke. However, their genetics, beautiful environment, diet and lifestyle probably explain this paradox.

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