1. Donna Baxter Donna Baxter United States says:

    Hello Carmen.  I've had disability, rheumatoid arthritis, etc,., etc. I'm 58, appreciate your post as i just found a new rheumatologist to check in with after nearly 20 yrs.  Almost every test came back normal.  I'm going to request the MCTD test tmr am.  Thank you so much for sharing.  May we all find strength together and pray for those who do not have the resources to get help.  Lastly, shame on the DEA for OVERREACTING/OR TAKING THE WRONG ACTION regarding the opioid crisis a few yrs back.  I felt shamed and quit on my own.  Prior to that I could get to the grocery store, my sons' activities, exercise and BBQ.  I'm now back on Tylenol 3 and "afraid" to tell my physician that I'm not getting the relief I got just a few months ago.  She is the most wonderful provider that I've ever had!!!  I am afraid that she will be harassed by the pharmacist, DEA, and others.  I lowered my social expectation for myself and went back into a domestic violence marriage.  How has this helped me or anyone.  My sister-in-law has an "unknown" condition as well and horrible migraines her entire life.  Thx to the DEA, again, a compassionate doctor was reprimanded solely for doing his job.  She has suffered her entire adult life.  May God give us enough strength to have advocates come forward when we can't.

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