1. Scott Scott Canada says:

    My wife has relapsing remitting ms and has had it for 14 years without any symptoms(THANK GOD).  Just her initial one.  She has to go for her next MRI in a month and have it compared with her scan a year ago to see if there has been any change.  She has been off her betaseron injections for 6 years, and now, without any evidence or proof, they want her back on her medication.  We have also recently talked with a man from my work who is now on permanent disability because of ms.  His ms is more aggressive and he is on a medication that consists of 1 shot a month that costs $6000-$7000, and has very severe side effects (brain cancer), which they have recently scanned and found in his brain.  I would like any help anyone could spare for info about the new procedures out their and get atleast our friend some choices that could get him off his drugs that are killing him

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