1. Tammy Richardson Robertson Tammy Richardson Robertson United States says:

    i have been in pain for years now and none of the dr would call it for what it is untill this year. ive have test after test and spent to much money on all the test. the dr that told me what was wrong is trying me on celecoxib. it takes the edge off of the pain and i can deal with it as long as it dont get to bad. some day it hurt more and i cant do what needs to be done but im not about to go into pain meds. as long as i can deal with the pain i have right now im happy with what i talk. my mind is not what it use to be i forget a lot and i cant do alot of things with my kids that they want me to do and i feel bad for that but i talked to them and they now understand so when i can i go and play hard with them and then pay for it the next day

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