1. Gary W. Vollan L.D. Gary W. Vollan L.D. United States says:

    Fragment the oral healthcare system so every American can afford an oral health exam and cleaning at an early age and thereafter. Dental Hygienists should be at schools and all public health offices providing free dental exams and dental cleanings along with alternative oral healthcare providers and community dental clinics being the answer to the oral healthcare crisis across our Nation.

    If corporate ADA would quit squeezing out competition it would free up more chairtime for children, restorative, and emergency dental procedures but instead, the American Dental Association lobbies federal and state legislators to disregard legislation that would regulate midlevel oral healthcare providers such as denturists, dental therapists, dental health ai...de therapists, and independent practices for dental hygienists and more productive public health dental services.

    Corporate ADA’s self-serving political agenda is hurting consumers across our Nation by suppressing qualified competitors which provide oral health care services, especially to those with disparities. The American Dental Association works against its own vision and mission statement by suppressing competition which has been trained and educated in providing oral health care services to those who are unable to pay the high prices charged by dentists, leaving Americans without needed dental and oral healthcare.

    Gary W. Vollan L.D. State Coordinator; Wyoming State Denturist Assn.

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