1. laura tompkins laura tompkins United Kingdom says:

    Whilst reading some of the recent posts on Fibro, I've been impressed with the more positive comments. 4years ago, an excruciating pain in my right hip had me in tears. It became so acute I couldn't walk and after a fall that saw me to hospital, osteoarthritis was diagnosed. Over the next few months I became house bound and some days bed bound by a pain that wracked my whole body! I truly didn't know where to put myself... I had excruciating pain in both my buttocks, shins, shoulders and feet. Finally I was refered to a pain clinic at the city hospital. MRI scans and X-ray tests showed inflammation in several Tendon sites. Further tests carried out reported osteoporosis. I had several guided steroid injections (which were SO painful) and of no effect. A cocktail of various pain and neurological drugs where prescribed - some of which nearly sent me out of my mind!!! I kept a drug/pain diary for a year. At which point My GP mentioned fibromyalgia. What caused it? What suddenly caused the autoimmune system to fail? I still don't recognise myself when I see written down, the condition of my body! Accepting it has been a huge trial. I wept when I was told by my Consultant it was a life time condition and that I would do well to equip myself with coping skills - which were available through the hospital and support groups (I think this is really important to partake in) Any inflammatory disease has terrible strain on the body, but it is the exhaustion on top of painful days that really get to me. I do take medication to give me help settling to bed for sleep 'tho I'd prefer not to, as for day time pain, that's a slow release med. I am more aware that we must be responsible for our own 'well health' - we are organic beings and cells replenish as does bone and cartilage! So eat a balanced diet, check out the foods and drink that might agrivate the inflammatory condition (coffee tomatoes booz) to name a few.... See for yourself though. I pace my day now well, try to and work at my business up to 4 hours some days. 3/7 can be a good week for me! Factor in some quality You Time things, that make you smile or bring joy to your heart! A movie, T n Cake with a friend, having your hair done or seeing family - my utter joy is spending time with the G Children. I pray for you & myself that this debilitating, chronic disease, brings out something of the best of who we are. How's about find a creative outlet. Writer knitter artist cake decorator - Your in charge, not It!

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