1. Gerald Yorioka Gerald Yorioka United States says:

    Congratulations for a truly useful study that benefits everyone, with minimal cost.  One of the tragedies about the way we treated (or didn't treat) our patients in the pandemic. Some were sent home without testing because they did not have the right symptoms, and others were sent home without helpful suggestions.  The failure to pay attention to mucous was a major oversight.  Patients were telling us, without coaching that they had a "dry cough."  Even the vaccine solution overlooked the IgA antibody that is on the mucous membrane, the very place we need antibodies to prevent an infection.  IgA has two forms, one free in the mucous, the other bound to the secretory membrane.

    • David A Shaller David A Shaller United States says:

      This is Great News. The first US based study that I'm aware of that demonstrates the effectiveness of salt water nasal lavage in reducing the morbidity and mortality in Covid-19. I authored a small E-book for my patients in July 2020 and recommended salt water Nasal Lavage and salt water Gargle. This 'flushes' the anatomic area where the virus first  enters and multiplies. I also recommend supplemental vitamins, especially vitamin D3, in an adequate dose to get a 'normal' level. "Covid-19 Practical Advice From an Independent Thinking Physician. David A Shaller MD FACR (Apple and Amazon).

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