1. Paula Marie Paula Marie United Kingdom says:

    I agree that breastfeeding either naturally or expressed is obviously ideal for the baby especially in the first couple months. I exclusively breastfed both my boys,  the first to 18 months the second to 2 yrs 6 months, I was lucky and had no difficulties, I found it convenient and less work.
    I strongly disagree with the insinuation in this article that breastfeeding could prevent neurological complications such as autism, this is pure scaremongering, science still has no idea of the root cause of autism, some is genetic.
    I was told my second son wouldn't catch chicken pox from his brother because of the protection from antibodies in breastmilk, but at 3 months old he caught it and was pickled head to toe.
    Both my boys, now age 22 and 20, are also autistic, the youngest also has severe learning disability, non verbal, and Gastrointestinal issues.
    All new mums out there, do whatever is right for you, ignore the scare stories. I'm sure there are plenty of top scientists and academics around the world who were formula fed, it didn't do them any harm.

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