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  1. Eben Burger Eben Burger Malaysia says:

    Fantaatic. Thank you. Simple and clearly explained. What lead me to this article was my curiosity to learn more about Hydroxyl Radicals. I'm still a bit confused but it seems that they are formed when H202 react with either Fe or Cu. What's interesting is that apparently they are more prevalent when the body runs out of an adequate amount of SOD, CAT ETC.... Which I guess is why Hydroxyl Radicals are a major problem in Diabetics. Also interestingly Both STZ and Alloxan used as Diabetogens in Lab rats are Primarily Known as powerful Hydroxyl Radicals. It seems that There are many Hydroxyl radical scavengers such as Vit C, Garlic, Chili, Papaya seeds, and flavonoids in Foods. I conclude that In the case of Diabetes its crucial to make sure you have adequate Mineral intake such as Zn, Se, Cu, Fe, Mn, As well as both water and fat soluble Vitamins such as vit A, B, and C. Many herbs contain powerful natural antioxidants. Green juices are high in Vitamins. Fermented Seeds are high in Digestable minerals and healthy fats...
    This is really a fascinating subject. Lastly, what interests me is the fact that a compromised immune system - such as a compromised endogenous Antioxidant Enzyme system and nutrientdediciencies - Causes an individual to be prone to more Bacteriall, Fungal, and Viral and Parasitic enfections that ALSO by themselves indirectly further tax needed Antioxidants and Nutrients making the illness much worse than before. So in treating the illness, NOW you ALSO have to treat the Fungal, viral or Parasitic conditions AND address the Nutrient DEFICIENCIES. All this is really interesting but REALLY CRAZY. It's a daunting task!

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