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  1. Tonetwisters . Tonetwisters . United States says:

    Hmmm ... I wonder if Ms. Hart has tinnitus herself? Probably not. It's great that she cares enough to work in this field, and I sincerely hope that something IS coming that will turn down the "crickets." However, this misery is not "easily lived with." And the more loud sounds you are around, or the more prescription drugs you take, the louder and more intense this racket becomes. Trust me, it is an irritating condition upon which all other health issues are made worse than they otherwise would be.

    • Tom Gugliotta Tom Gugliotta United States says:

      ...they will just do what they can with a little grant money they can get.  Audiologists are the least qualified to do this research.  They know nothing about the brain, which is where the noise originates.  Most audiologists just want to take you for a ride with their stupid hearing aids and noisemakers that don't work.

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