1. Brian Wozniak Brian Wozniak United States says:

    I'm an ex school teacher. I recently discovered that a neighbor of ours his child has OCD. He thinks somethings wrong all the time and asks grown ups. His issue is very jarring and hard to handle. I really feel bad saying this but that kid has too many problems. I hate seeing him. Thank you for this study. I now know whats this kids problems are. He has separation anxiety, the second he leaves his parents. He also has irrational fears. But of course kids don't understand the grown up world, or positive cues such as grown ups eating, wearing baseball caps when it's sunny, grown ups relaxing. Children have fears of the water, they cry when they see water. I understand they get it that water can dangerous. This kid has real issues with grown up stuff. His parents need to be with for more years until he's at least 12-13 years old. Of course a grown up who sees another grown up putting on sun tan lotion knows that I'm avoiding sun burn. Some kid thought the world was coming to an end. It was so hard to handle. I'm still worried about it and it happened days ago. Kids are too much.

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