1. John Guy John Guy United States says:

    Wait one minute all my Brazilian friends? See news about collapsed mining dam !

    The evidence linking Zika to microcephaly is circumstantial. The real reason may be a case of mercury or another toxin poisoning. Most of Brazil’s microcephaly cases are in the northeast. Brazilian love eating fish and gold mining, and off shore drilling. Check your water systems, rivers and food supplies.

    The Brazilian health ministry has yet to present any scientifically credible evidence to support their conclusion about the Zika virus. They found one correlation, threw up their hands and yelled, “Mosquito.” Correlation is not causation.

    Why haven’t they also shown up in proportional numbers in other countries hit hard by Zika, such as Colombia? How many normal babies also have the Zika virus?

    See: The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science website.

    Knowledge about the extreme vulnerability of the fetus to methylmercury began with the Minamata Bay, Japan experience. Eating the fish, pregnant mothers did not only burden themselves, but methylmercury was transferred in utero to the fetus. This caused severe neurological complex symptoms and severe birth defects. While the mothers were usually without symptoms of mercury poisoning, their babies were born severely damaged with microcephaly, cerebral palsy, severe mental retardation.

    See news reports

    A wave of toxic mud travelling down the Rio Doce river in Brazil from a collapsed mining dam has reached the Atlantic Ocean, amid concerns it will cause severe pollution.

    The contaminated mud, tested by the water management authorities, was found to contain toxic substances like mercury, arsenic, chromium and manganese at levels exceeding human consumption levels.

    Date of Dam collapse story -22 November 2015

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