1. Pandora Chaser Pandora Chaser United Kingdom says:

    It may interest Doctor Bose to be aware that the UK Yellowcard system (despite massive under reporting and data throttling), has 85 cases of Pneumonitis with THREE fatalities so far.  yellowcard.ukcolumn.org/yellow-card-reports#[object%20Object]  

    Whilst a massive number of Thrombocytopenias have been reported with at least SIXTEEN fatalities yellowcard.ukcolumn.org/yellow-card-reports#[object%20Object]

    Thank you for your case study.

    Kind regards

    • Trudie Jacobs Trudie Jacobs South Africa says:

      Please...will appreciate guidande. Has a family history ot heart an tjromosis. Lost brothers and their children due to thrombosis and hartt attacks. Mu mom was a bleeder and died of a stroke. My brother's son had a heart transplant. Passed in 2020. I have HIt. Almost passed in 2013. Was a fbleedervsince childhoodvb but drs didn't diagnosed it at that stage. My platelets dropped to 10! I was in i"u for 3 weeks. However i had 3 bloodclofs afterwards  my daugher  has SLE. She had the vaccine and had thrombosis. I had seveere Covid 19 in Aug 2021. Almost passed. Too scared to go for vaccine. Can you please comment?

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