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  1. Kay Creswell Ex Stubbs Kay Creswell Ex Stubbs United States says:

    I had a sore throat, went to the 'little clinic', Doc said my lymph nodes in my neck were swollen, (that was back in July).  She told me to get a full blood work up.  I just did - in October.  My GYN Doc felt of my neck and could feel some swelling.  She did a full blood work up - everything came back normal.  Even the chest x-ray she sent me to have done.   I had a dental apt this week and had my dentist feel my throat...I was sensitive to his pressure, but he said it wouldn't hurt to do further testing especially if it hurt for him to mash on the right side of my chin.  Guess I'll call my PCP.

    • Deepika Kale Deepika Kale Czech Republic says:

      Hi can you please tell me finally what was the disease? I have some what similar  symptoms. Doctors did my X-ray it was clean no infection. I showed it ENT specialist no infection of ears. My ultrasound showed my organs are fine. Doctors thought I might have TB. then also did all the test related to TB,it seems negative. I don't know what is wrong with me.  If it was undetermined   , did the swelling gone on its own??? or they gave you medicines. Thanks

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