1. Cherie Studwello Cherie Studwello Australia says:

    I get a bit sick of hearing that pain relief can be obtained from physiotherapy, as if every pain sufferer can afford the necessary number of visits required to help with pain relief.  In Australia, if not insured, people are entitled to 5 physio visits.  This really is a waste of time and money.  Five visits do nothing.  So I hope obtaining painkillers is not going to be subject to obtaining a medical prescription.  Again, with the possibility of the $7 co-payment to see a GP, chronic pain sufferers look like suffering more pain.

    And I totally disagree that paracetamol doesn’t assist with pain relief.  Prior to taking 1 x 100mg Celebrex daily, I had been taking 8 paracetamol tablets a day for a few years and they were the only things that allowed me to walk.  Along with the Celebrex I now take from 2-4 paracetamol daily.

    The main aim of the pain clinic I attended, while extremely well meaning and comprehensive, seemed to be to get people off medication.  I’m afraid meditation and other mind control methods take a long time to master and to maintain.  If you can’t walk or sleep, who cares if you’re life span is shortened.

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